REPARA at the PEGPUM workshop

REPARA was presented during the recent PEGPUM 2015 workshop (LPGPU Workshop on Power Efficiente GPU and Many-core Computing) held in Amsterdam in conjunction with the HIPEAC 2015 Conference.

During this workshop, Prof. J. Daniel García presented “REPARA: Reengineering for Heterogeneous Parallelism for Performance and Energy in C++”. During this talk several results of the project were highlighted:

  • The REPARA approach based on refactoring for enforcing specific device rules, apply transofrmation to specific programming models and generate FPGA code.
  • To application partitioning strategy combining hardware descriptions, kernel measurements and code.
  • The extensible transformation infrastructure based on a single front-end and multiple back-ends.
  • The C++ attributes language developed in the context of REPARA for defining code annotations to express parallelism patterns.

The slides are available at:

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