D4.3: Source Code Transformations for Coarse Grained Parallelism

The REPARA project aims to help the transformation and deployment of new and legacy applications in parallel heterogeneous computing architectures while maintaining a balance between application performance, energy efficiency and source code maintainability.

This report describes, source code transformations for coarse grained
parallelism. The deliverable’s results specify the transformation of annotated REPARA C++ code to FastFlow pipeline and DSP/FPGA source code. Those transformations are realized as plug-ins for the extensible IDE, that is result of the preceding
work in the context of the REPARA project: the extensible infrastructure for source code transformation.

This report also contains a step-by-step tutorial for using the plug-ins developed during
this task. This tutorial is aimed at a user of the functionality provided by the plug-ins in future products.


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