D6.1: Static run times for coordination in heterogeneous platforms

This report is introduces static run-times for coordination in heterogeneous platforms, which is a prototype deliverable. It describes the basic run-time engine supporting statically partitioned applications.

FastFlow is an open-source, structured parallel programming framework written in C/C++ originally conceived to support highly efficient stream parallel computation while targeting shared memory multi-core. Its efficiency comes mainly from the optimised implementation of the base communication mechanisms and from its layered design. FastFlow provides the parallel applications programmer with a set of ready-to-use, parametric algorithmic skeletons modelling the most common parallelism exploitation patterns. It has been originally developed and is currently maintained by the parallel computing groups at the Departments of Computer Science of the Universities of Pisa and Torino.

Report: ICT-609666-6.1

Latest software available at: FastFlow website

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