D6.4: Performance and energy monitoring library

Work Package 6 is focusing on run-time engines that manage software running on parallel heterogeneous computing systems, which includes techniques for measuring performance and energy consumption of the managed software and the integration of these techniques into the run-time engine.

Therefore, we designed and implemented a prototype software library, the Performance and Energy Monitoring Library, that provides a unified view  an application programming interface (API)  to performance and energy efficiency information of hardware components of parallel heterogeneous platforms, which is independent of implementation details, i.e., whether internal or external measurements methods are available on a given system. Also, we provide several implementations of the API for methods available on the Repara Reference Platform, most notably a performance counter-based solution for CPUs and an oscilloscope-based approach for
expansion cards (for the latter, the software implementation is complemented by the description of the hardware extensions needed for the approach).

This report summarizes the features of the prototype library, together with which it forms Deliverable 6.4.

Report: ICT-609666-D6.4

Library: ICT-609666-D6.4-library

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