D4.4: Source code transformations for fine grained parallelism

This document describes deliverable D4.4. Source code transformations for fine grained parallelism, which is part of task T4.3. The deliverable’s results specify the transformation of annotated REPARA C++ code to FastFlow pipeline and DSP/FPGA source code. Those transformations are realized as plug-ins for the extensible IDE that is result of the preceding tasks T4.1, Extensible infrastructure for source code transformation [5], and T4.2, Source Code Transformations for coarse Grained Parallelism [6].

In the course of task T4.4 some extensions were developed for the Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling IDE. These improvements were necessary to ensure proper functionality and support the users of the implemented features while writing clean code easily. All changes to CDT are open source and have been made publicly available through the official CDT release.


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