Cevelop is an integrated development environment for C/C++ developers. Based on the Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling, Cevelop includes additional plug-ins for refactoring and unit-testing, offering a one-stop download for developing modern C++ code. Cevelop is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.

Thanks to its powerful extension mechanism and infrastructure to analyse and transform source code, the tools developed in the REPARA project (see WP4 Software Transformations, D4.1) are built on Cevelop. At the moment, this includes the Source Code Transformations for Coarse Grained Parallelism to transform code to run on FPGAs or DSPs.

If you’re interested in trying a beta version, please contact HSR since these tools are not included in the free version of Cevelop.


FastFlow is a C++ parallel programming framework advocating high-level, pattern-based parallel programming. It chiefly supports streaming and data parallelism, targeting heterogenous platforms composed of clusters of shared-memory platforms, possibly equipped with computing accelerators such as GPGPUs, Xeon Phi, FPGAs, and DSPs.