The REPARA project joins forces of experts in software engineering methodology, development tools, computer hardware design and analysis, all working hand-in-hand with industrial end-users to achieve a unified programming model for heterogeneous computers developing also the required automated software support tools.

Academic Participants

University Carlos III of Madriduc3m

The University Carlos III of Madrid (Spain) coordinates this project and participates through its ARCOS research group.

Key Personnel:

  • Prof. J. Daniel Garcia (Project Coordinator).
  • Dr. Luis M. Sánchez.

HSR Rapperswil

HSR Rapperswil (Switzerland) participates hsr-logothrough its IFS Institute for Software.

Key Personnel:

  • Prof. Peter Sommerlad.

Technische Universität Darmstadttud-logo

Technische Universität Darmstadt (Germany) participates through its Embedded Systems and

Applications research group.

Key Personnel:

  • Prof. Andreas Koch.

University of Szegedusz-logo

University of Szeged (Hungary) participates through its Software Engineering Department.

Key Personnel:

  • Dr. Rudolf Ferenc.
  • Dr. Ákos Kiss.

Universita di Pisa


Universita di Pisa (Italy) participates through its Department of Computer Science.

Key Personnel:

  • Dr. Massimo Torquati.
  • Dr. Marco Danelutto.

Industrial Participants

Evopro Innovation


Evopro Innovation Kft (Hungary) brings to the project applications in the fields of healthcare and railways.

Key Personnel:

  • Dr. Zsolt Szepessy.

IXION industry and aerospaceixion-logo

IXION industry and aerospace SL (Spain) brings to the project applications in the field of computer vision applied to mobile robots, security systems and industry.

Key Personnel:

  • Dr. Jorge Villagrá.